Miscellaneous painting – portraits, banners and things.

The painting and designs on this page form part of my portfolio. Some are commercial painting and some are simply because I wanted to paint. What is seen here by no means is all the painting I have done but these are the photos and reproductions of my work that remain to me.

Painting aliens

Alien Nation Banner

Alien Nation Banner

I guess these two painting could be included in the sign writing section of this website? They were painted for a rave scene on the Costa del Sol. The lettered banner is painted on a 3m canvas while the alien head is painted on 2 x 2·43m boards. Using a mixture of normal paint and fluorescent paint, these paintings came alive under the black light (ultra violet) of the night club. I also produced a lot of graphics for this rave scene and they can be seen here.

Alien Nation Alien

Alien Nation Alien

The Starship Enterprise and the Space Shuttle

Continuing with the extra-terrestrial theme. These two paintings measured 1·8m x 3·6m and 2·4m x 3·6m. They were commissioned by Dublin Airport for their Video Games Arcade. Both formed part of a much larger composition that covered the ceiling of the room. Painted onto a 3 x 6 and a 4 x 6 grid of tiles of 60cm square they were fitted into an aluminium frame giving the impression you were looking out of the roof at the stars. A team of artists filled in the remainder of the ceiling with stars, galaxies and planets.

ceiling mural

Starship Enterprise ceiling mural for Dublin Airport video arcade

ceiling mural

Irish space shuttle painted for Dublin AIrport

The airport wanted a touch of Irish in the paintings – so I made them an Irish space shuttle. On the space shuttle picture you can quite clearly see the individual tiles.

Painting angels and moons

angel painting

Angel painted on profiled board

painted profiled board

The cow jumped over the moon

painted profiled board

The man in the moon

The angel was painted for a lady that collected angels, plaster and pictures. It is about 25cm tall and painted onto profiled board.

The two moons were commisioned as birthday presents for two little girls that had a thing about the moon. Both painted on profiled board and both about 30cm in height.

Painting letters for fun – a puzzle

I like typography and letter shapes. This painting is about 1·4m wide and takes the form of a puzzle. It’s in french and to solve it you have to think in a similar way to cryptic crossword puzzle clues… but visually too.

sign writing typography in paint

A word puzzle painting

painting in acrylic on profiled board

Wendy on the Banwy

The painting of the river was painted from drawings, sketches, photos and life. It measures about 1·4m tall and is on profiled board.

I tend not to use frames when I can profile out exactly what I want to paint.

The little statuette is also painted on profiled board in an oak base. It measures about 25cm in height.

painting or nude woman

Statuette painted on profiled MDF board


Œnone at five years old with all her drawings.

The first portrait is of my daughter when she was 5 years old. All the little drawings are her creations (which I still have). The top left “princess” is her self portrait. I decided to surround her head with her sketches and drawings. It even includes a picture of our cat at the time.

portrait painting

Portrait in acrylics on profiled MDF

This second portrait is a self portrait painted some years ago of me in a bad mood.

portrait painting

Portrait of Wendy on profiled MDF board

The girl in the poppies is a good friend of mine. It was also painted some years ago. The same girl is featured in the rive painting above.

All these portraits are painted on medium density fibre board that has been profiled to shape.