Photomontage, illustration & flatcopy work

i) The technique of making a picture by assembling pieces of photographs, often in combination with other types of graphic material.
ii) The composite picture produced by this technique.

Definition from Wordnik

Artwork produced for print

Promotional posters and artwork

photomontage poster design

It’s cool to be cruel

The SHILL poster was artwork for a film poster. It is a photomontage combination of bitmaps and vector graphics. The film was to be about an online trader that was also a serial killer who killed his victims by strangling them with guitar strings

The idea was conceptualised by a friend of mine Stuart Mortimer but I produced the finished art work

The jewellery poster was photomontage for a company supplying “do it yourself” bling jewellery on the Costa del Sol. Written in english and spanish. On this job I also carried out the photography.

poster design

Do it yourself jewelery

The Alien Nation – rave scene photomontage

photomontage poster design

Alien Nation rave scene poster

The Alien Nation was a Costa del Sol rave scene in the early 2000s. I designed a lot of their promotional material as photomontage and I also painted backdrops and signs for their nightclub appearances. You can see the painting that I did for them here.

photomontage flyer design

Alien nation flyer

flyer design

Alien Nation flyer design

flyer design

double sided flyer for Alien Nation

Those Lazy Babies – good pub rock

traditional two colour separation - graphic communication

Poster for “Those Lazy Babies” – Music in Arklow

graphic communication - black separation Lazy Babies

Those lazy babies – black separation

Those Lazy Babies were an Arklow cover band that played the bars and pubs of the surrounding counties for 25 years. This poster was produced in the pre-computer days as a two colour separation on A2 paper. You can see the separations here.

gouache and ink poster

Those Lazy Babies

This was an earlier poster for the same band.

graphic communication - red separation Lazy Babies

Those lazy babies – red separation

graphic communication - original drawing Lazy Babies

Those Lazy Babies original drawing

Packaging design for a chocolate factory

Chocolate sea shells

Chocolate sea shells

Seagull Whoopsies - chocolate treats.

Seagull Whoopsies – chocolate treats.

Four package designs produced for a chocolate factory in the UK. Vector graphics.

Chocolate Cornish pasties

Chocolate “Cornish pasties”

Puffin Whoopsies - chocolate treats

Puffin Whoopsies – chocolate treats

The Ponderosa Road house menus

print layout

Ponderosa menu outside

Triptych menu cards for the Ponderosa Road House. A Tex-Mex joint on the Costa del Sol. The food was excellent and the menus a nightmare to include all the items in both english and spanish. Further down you can see their cocktail list and the flyers I produced for them. Their identity with the Indian Chief was already established when I got to do this job.

Print layout

Ponderosa menu inside

print layout

Ponderosa cocktail menu

print layout

Ponderosa flyer

DVD covers for Aikido tutorials

These three illustrations were for the covers of Aikido DVD tutorials. The third one wasn’t used because the sensei thought it made him look like a cartoon. I thought it conveyed the spherical motions of good Aikido. But the customer is always right.

DVD cover graphics

Cover for Aikido DVD

DVD cover illustration

Aikido DVD

DVD cover graphics

Aikido DVD

Ború – trad Irish band

album cover design

Ború – trad Irish band CD cover

Ború were a traditional Irish band working out of Arklow in Co. Wicklow. They enjoyed some success in the USA amongst the Irish-American population.

This artwork was produced in the days before computers. Both were hand drawn and hand lettered. I also painted the bodhran for them that you can see in the CD cover photo. A bodhran is the Irish goatskin drum and is pronounced bow-ron.

poster design

Poster design for A3. Ború traditional Irish band

Photomontage collage for the Beautiful People

album cover design

Beautiful People CD cover

This was an LP cover for the Beautiful People who enjoyed some success in the UK in the early 1990s with their CD “If 60s were 90s” during the HOUSE MUSIC period. They had obtained the rights to use Jimi Hendrix samples.

This album cover was produced as a collage. Lots of magazines were cut up and the images re-assembled. The lettering is hand drawn. The actual artwork was 60cm square.

I knew some of the members of this band personally and jammed with them from time to time. When I asked them for the brief, the answer I got was like an Ian Dury song, they said:

You know what we like – Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll


Back in the 1970s I worked for a company that collected old newspapers and magazines for a charity to recycle. I developed a love for collage and had a source of magazines at work. Frequently I needed the same image as a repeat. No problem, there were tons of the same magazines. Then along came Photoshop. Photoshop meant that I could endlessly repeat the same image, flip it, warp it, invert it. The possibilities were endless. And so blossomed a love of photomontage.

Some of the images here were for commercial use and some are simply because I like doing photomontage.

Well we’re in the middle of a COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. I’ve had a feeling for years that this type of thing would happen and herald the advent of the New World Order. I created this apocalyptic collage a few days before the world went on lockdown.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the beginning of the New World Order

collage or photomontage

The Chapel Perilous

photomontage tantra and catholicism

Tantric catholicism
The 12 houses


Peace and poppies


Speak softly and carry a BIG gun

religious photomontage

Are gods really necessary?

musical photomontage

And the music dances

photomontage on communication

Growth of communication

photomontage world crisis

The state of the world

new world order photomontage

The yellow brick road, fine for some

These five photomontages were created for a website (there were six originally). The client refused to pay me for my work – it all got nasty. In the end the host removed her site from their servers pending the outcome of my copyright claim.

photo montage

Mother Moon – poem by

photo montage

All I want is happiness

photo montage

The broken dragonfly


Yet another NWO puppet

Photoshop montage of the garden of Eden

In the garden of Eden all is lucious

photo montage

Time passes dreaming

web site graphic

UNCONVENTIONAL REALMS – unconventional thought

NWO destruction by chemtrails photomontage

Oh what a wonderful world

Photomontage and guitars

I love guitars, their shapes and playing them. Their curves remind me of women – enough said. Photomontage using famous guitars.

guitar forest photomontage

The garden of musical delights

Guitar street photomontage

Guitar street

Facebook cover picture

Facebook cover picture

photomontage insomnia


The internet of things photomontage

The internet of things – nano control

YouTube cover - SuperSnailArt

YouTube cover